Revive Rekindle & Rejuvenate

the need to upheave Indian art and craft

Across the world we find enumerable architectural and historic heritage sites that display an epitome of brilliance, their exquisite characteristic qualities often surpassing the prowess of technology and innovation available even in our present times. In India, the craftsmanship in display at the Khajuraho temples and Ajanta Ellora caves stand tribute to the constructive collaborations of architects, engineers, artists and artisans in materializing timeless monuments. It is thus only fair to say that this interdisciplinary coordination is significant and mutually complementing in nature to produce a true testimony of mankind’s ability to craft and create with the resources available to us. In today’s fast paced life we have forgotten all about symbolism, tradition and hand skills that have actually been depicted repeatedly in history and religion. For instance, in Kutch by just studying the way a man ties his turban; one can predict his social status. I believe that change is the only way forward, but change does not necessarily mean an ignorance of the past and aping modernism. Change is when you take the best of time tested trials of your ancestors and convert it into something so dynamic that because of its strong roots, it transforms into a universal