Jabeen L. Zacharias

Managing Editor: Jabeen L. Zacharias

n 1991, at a time when there was no membership drive, let alone a Chapter in Kerala, I took immense effort and became a member of IIID for the sole reason of its publication! Such was the focus and content that each was a collectible for any library. As the President one of the very first agenda put forth to the team was to reinstate the magazine as our sure link to consistently connect and converse with that far away primary member who means the world to us. Month after month IIID should be able to enter and empower his design domain with good food for thought; like it was for a lone member 29 years back. IIID is proud to present the new Avatar of its publication- ‘INSCAPE’! We owe the new name to the medieval philosopher Duns Scotus. Every being in this Universe is characterized by ‘Inscape’- a distinctive dynamic design that constitutes ‘individual identity’ which in turn recognizes and respects the inscape of all other beings in the Universe! I am so touched by the deeper connotations of this word which is fundamental for our blissful existence. For us Designers it can be a compass to explore ‘Conscious and Conscientious Design. Let us initiate dialogues through INSCAPE; coming to you with definite typologies specially curated with Guest Editors together with the Board led by our own Shamini Shanker & Rema Katha of DPK. However, I believe that the purpose and success of INSCAPE is complete only when you the reader too join the team as an active participant in the dialogues we initiate on focus topics. Why don’t you please share your thoughts with us? I have requested the editorial board to carry one select article of max 800 words in each issue from readers which will be published with your picture in the next issue! To start with please send your thoughts on this issue on Vision – Where is north?

Editor: Shamini Shanker Jain

The Editor of Inscape is as vibrant and lively as the magazine itself.  A bold and confident woman, perfectly suited to helm such a prestigious publication. She pursued her professional education at the School of Architecture, CEPT-Ahmedabad and later went on to train with the likes of S R Fernando, Chennai and A D Raje, Ahmedabad. In 1987, she set up her independent practice with partner Pranav Deep.
As a practicing architect, she is responsibly innovative and strives to deliver her best across projects ranging from domestic to institutional buildings. Her affinity towards contemporary art and sculpture, coupled with her interest in the latest trends in technology, produt design and fashion is inherently evident in her mesmerising conception of spaces. She is also a strong advocate of equal representation and sensitivity for women in the architecture domain.

Co Editor: Dr. Rema S Kartha
A true leader by all means, her role as the Co-Editor of Inscape is pivotal in ensuring the magazine maintains its high standards and does fair by being the official publication of an esteemed institution like IIID.  She is also the CEO of Designer Publications Kerala Pvt. Ltd.,  a publishing house widely renowned for its world class service in the field of architectural journalism. With over 17 years of experience, she is also the Group Editor of premium national magazine Design Detail and Designer+Builder, the first architecture magazine in Malayalam, among several other regional publications catering to the domain of architecture and design.
Known for her cheerful charm and pleasant personality, she is also an active member of IIID.