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12 Apr 2024

Stapati's Ode to Yards

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Exploring the Design Philosophy of Studio Aandh

Within the realm of designs, a quirk takes root, transforming mere spaces into vivid dreams. This quirk treads with a fearless spirit, translating ideas into spaces that pulsate with aesthetic symphonies. Walls cease to be mere dividers; they become conduits of imagination. Ceilings transcend their utilitarian purpose, evolving into entangled canopies of aspirations. Every nook and corner evokes an emotion. Yet it is not just bricks and mortar that bear witness to their prowess. With each passing year, each project embarked upon, Aandh lays down the foundation of forward-thinking design. Their hands weave stories into structures,
and these structures, in turn, breathe life into their narratives.

See the green staircase slithering to connect the levels at the DSR World Experience Center as it draws the attention of any wandering eye. An otherwise muted palette suddenly screams for attention (with delight). Studio Aandh's design philosophy is this delightful blend of creativity and practicality, rooted in the belief that design is a dynamic platform for crafting environments that embrace and nurture their inhabitants. Going beyond conventional aesthetics, their approach is a captivating revolution that infuses spaces with life and character.

The work is not limited to modern explorations. Villa 59 bows down as it reveres traditional aesthetics, only to jump up with funky textures and lines in the very next frame. The walls, floor and ceiling unify as a grey box with clean lines and the traditional heavy columns frame the contemporary visual with antiquity. Aandh excels in creating empowered environments that have the potential to metamorphose lives.

Warmth, cosiness, and vibrancy are the signatures of their design narrative. Through a meticulous interplay of colours, textures, and unexpected elements, they weave a tapestry of experiences that envelope those who enter. The SNN Raj Showflat is one such example where the colours seem to flow beyond the object and spill onto the wall. Every object, every piece of furniture flaunts a personality, yet they seem to fit perfectly together, just like a family.

The Green Staircase slithers to connect the levels, at DSR World Experience Center.
The harmonious interplay of antiquity and modernity at Villa 59.
Spilling beyond the object, an interplay of colours, patterns, forms and textures at the Sun Raj Showflat.

With every project they undertake, they weave stories and meaning in every angle and contour. To understand
their process better, let us explore two designs of similar typologies/spaces. We take you through the design
process and progress of two projects- The Iron Hill Microbrewery and Arriba- The Tapas Bar.

Iron Hill Microbrewery, Bangalore

India’s largest Microbrewery is a three-storey structure in the IT Hub of Marathahalli on a 1.8-acre property. This once housed an old garment factory which underwent an adaptive reuse design process with sustainability as the core value. The transformation began by demolishing slabs and exposing and retaining the visible beams from the existing garment factory, with a cement concrete finish. As an ode to the great geometry of the existing structure, an intricate mesh of 100 red rafters was created hanging from the beam,
embracing a parametric design. This creates a mesmerising array that flanks the ceiling while keeping the floor and eye level clean for utility. Here is the design journey through the sketches and work-in-progress drawings of the project.

During the COVID lockdown, the interior space was temporarily closed, and the brewery operated exclusively outdoors, catering to approximately 800 people. After the lockdown was lifted, playful sculptural red mesh humanoid figures were added in action and rigour at various positions in the design, inculcating an interesting detail and symbolising freedom, happiness, and joy. Graduating art students were commissioned to build these mesh wire figures that further enhanced the ambience, creating a vibrant and delightful setting for the microbrewery's patrons.

An immersive blend of indoor and outdoor with landscape and greenery, infused with an outdoor bar and a strolling water body divides the two parts seamed by a bridge. One part of the water body is a koi pond and the other is a freshwater body where people can swing their legs with a beer in hand and chill. The furniture and décor take inspiration from the World War II era and are custom-made to evoke the impression of European beer houses.

Now to our next bar.

The idea for the layout of the rafters was born at the back of a food bill.
The parametric form was conceptualised and evolved.
The parametric form was visualised and rendered in the scheme. The scale was adjusted and technical drawings were prepared.
The execution began by propping panels down the ceiling.
Thus creating this mesmerising array that flanks the space while keeping the floor and eye level clean for utility.
The charisma of the entrance is enhanced by carefully placed quirks.

Arriba - The Tapas Bar

Arriba, a 100-seater tapas bar, is the first Spanish Tapas bar in Hyderabad. The highlighting feature of the space is the giant tomato that welcomes the inhabitants, into Arriba, reminding them of the La Tomatina festival of Spain. The other statement interior feature is the ratan mesh installed on the ceiling. The space and its vibe beautifully reflects its inhabitants, capturing their dreams and aspirations with grace and finesse.

Now we take you through the design journey of Arriba - The Tapas Bar,

In enigmatic harmony, Aamir and Hameeda emerge as storytellers, artfully using elements of design to weave tales of unparalleled charm, warmth, and  vibrancy.  With  each  project, they ignite a profound impact on the world, gracefully touching hearts, one design at a time.

Aamir Sharma brings eclectic  twists to Aandh’s contemporary classic designs, infusing spaces with playful charm and Hameeda, a soulful visionary, creates sophisticated and individualised designs that celebrate originality and warmth. Studio Aandh’s work reflects elegance and grace, making each project a unique expression of their client's stories.

These projects are a luminous ode to creativity, as they unveil the profound connection between design, architecture, and the human spirit.

The empty rooftop getting ready to be transformed.
The plan and utilities were sorted as the iconic ceiling feature took form.
Artists joined hands and breathed life into the Rattan Mesh.
And soon all was set with the cherry on top.. Oops, bottom! (Oops, tomato!)
The statement interior feature - ratan mesh installed on the ceiling.
The highlighting feature of the space - the giant tomato.

About the Author

Kochi, Bangalore

Stapati is an internationally acclaimed architecture practice rooted in regional narratives, integrity and innovation. Blending tradition and modernity, the firm is dedicated to sustainability, seeking timelessness in both design and their overall practice. Stapati has earned numerous awards, consistently featured in Architectural Digest's Top 100 Most Influential Design Firms from 2014 to 2023 and highlighted in the monograph 'Timeless Resorts' by ORO Editions. Notable projects like Kumarakom Lake Resort, the Alila Diwa, Goa and the Enchanted Island Resort in Seychelles showcase innovative regionalist interpretations, gaining international acclaim. Founded in 1989 by Tony Joseph, an MIT Manipal graduate with a master's degree from the University of Texas, Austin, Stapati's architectural philosophy is strongly influenced by Charles Moore's program.

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