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Quality Design has a Sense of Authenticity

-David Collins

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of design with the 'IIID Golden Jubilee Rainbow Series of Inscape, powered by Nippon Paint.' Explore seven quarterly folios, each delving into profound topics that shape our spaces. The inaugural Folio, 'The Spaces We Shape,' initiates this discussion with meticulous scripting and collaboration across genres, geographies, and generations. Inscape Folios transcend conventional publications, evolving into cherished collectibles for design enthusiasts. Join us on this enriching quest, redefining Design Literature through interactive elements like contests, polls, webinars, talks, and a design-focused library. Immerse yourself in insightful content and impactful design experiences, as Inscape establishes itself as the foremost authority in the field.

Launch of the second folio at Coimbatore
Indian Institute of Interior Designers

The #Indigo folio is released in the embrace of a yard in front of a children's park

The Indian Institute of Interior Designers (IIID) under the leadership of President Sarosh Wadia and Editor & IPP Jabeen Zacharias unveiled its second publication of 'Inscape,' a groundbreaking Folio dedicated to design, creativity, and innovation.
Set in a popular street at Coimbatore against an elaborate 100m long colourful Wall Art on our topic “The Yards We Scale”, done by Artists, students, IIID members, and Nippon Team. The folio was jointly launched by IIID President Ar. Sarosh Wadia, Nippon Paint-Senior Director Mr. Balaji, and Chief Guest Mr. Saravana Kumar- Councilor, in the presence of many and with enthusiastic public participation.

With Nippon Paint as our esteemed generous partner, we delve into the heart of interior aesthetics, transforming spaces into canvases of creativity and redefine the art of interior design.

Golden Jubilee Edition

Channeling Transformative Ideas that scale 'Yards'

From the evolution of 'yards' over the ages to the profound impact of social, climatic and cultural realms, the Inscape Folio#2 delves into the synergy between the built and unbuilt.

YARDS, Folio 2
Editorial Board

  • 31 OCT 2023 | 10:00AM

    AYDA Award 

  • 25 DEC 2023 | 10:00AM

    Chance for your Violet to be featured

  • 25 DEC 2023 | 10:00AM

    Showcase your Skills 

| Folio 2:

Raj Rewal, Distinguished Guest Editor

| Folio 2:

Sanjay Mohe, Distinguished Guest Editor- Mainstream Practices

| Folio 2:

Dr. Lilia De Jesus, Distinguished Guest Editor- Academia

| Folio 2:

Dinesh Suthar, Guest Editor representing Young Generation

See what our readers say

  • IIID Inscape presents comprehensive content that showcases the vibrant world of design and underscores its impact on our lives. I am honoured that I’m part of such a beautiful community and design family. So much to learn always and be inspired from!

    Vanita Joshi

    D'Canvas Interiors

    ~ Arjun Sharma

  • As an academician, I appreciate its celebration of design and its encouragement of critical thinking and academic discourse. "The Spaces We Shape" testifies to design's enduring relevance in our ever-evolving world.

    Dr Srinivas Daketi

    Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Planning, Vijayawada

    ~ Arjun Sharma

  • Inscape is an elegant masterpiece that mirrors our industry's finesse. The Sunita Kohli interview offers a glimpse into a design luminary's mind, while articles like "Conception to Perception" and "India's Design Moments" captivate with their historical narratives.
    Founder, ARDES

    ~ Arjun Sharma

  • The Spaces We Shape" is a visual and intellectual treat for architecture and sustainable design enthusiasts. The elegant, colourful layout reflects the harmony between design and the environment.

    Chandrakant Kanthigavi

    Founder, 4site Architects

    ~ Arjun Sharma

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