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The official publication of the Indian Institute of Interior Designers • Powered by Nippon Paint

We are proud to partner with Nippon Paint, the #1 paint company in Asia

Unveiling the significance of paint in design, our exclusive masterclass by Nippon Paint goes beyond the brush strokes, delving into the nuances of colour, psychology and theory. Join us in this immersive journey, where the Masterclass and Master Project converge to empower designers, shaping spaces with the artistry of paint. Explore, learn, and redefine the canvas of design with Nippon Paint.
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Why Nippon Paint?

With a legacy spanning over 140 years, Nippon Paint stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the paint industry.

Global Paint Leader

Nippon Paint has ascended to the position of the number one paint manufacturer in Asia and is globally recognised as one of the foremost paint manufacturers, a testament to its quality and reach.

Innovative Design Support

Nippon Paint's groundbreaking initiatives, such as the pioneering zonal and youth colour forecast for India, empower architects and interior designers with valuable insights and tools to envision forward-thinking designs and products. 

Green Building Advocates

As founding members of the Indian Green Building Council, Nippon Paint demonstrates its dedication to shaping a sustainable future by actively participating in initiatives that promote environmentally responsible building practices including their range of eco-friendly paints. 


Largest Paint Manufacturer
in the World


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