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20 Oct 2023

Cidade De Goa by Charles Correa

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The Master Project series represents an enduring section from Nippon Paint to encourage designers to explore and experiment with colour to shape spaces which can anchor context as well as heighten our experiences. In this inaugural edition, we bring the iconic Cidade de Goa, designed by the legendary architect Charles Correa. Look forward to future editions that will delve into the work of other Master’s projects and the power of colours they unleash.

A Testimony to the Power of Colours

Goa offers a visual feast of  colour.  The quaint houses are often adorned with vibrant facades in shades of yellow, green, and indigo, reminiscent of the Portuguese colonial era. Even the bustling markets of Goa, such as the Fontainhas, the Mapusa Market or the Anjuna Flea Market, are a riot of colour.

The vibrant Cidade de Goa stands as an architectural gem on the picturesque coastline of Goa. The resort, constructed in the 1980s, exemplifies Correa's philosophy of merging modern architectural concepts with the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The Colourful Streets of Fountainhas Photo by Lester Silveira
The vibrant Cidade De Goa elegantly sits by the Sea. Photo by Milin John

Can colours blend the poetry of spatial design and the melody of tradition to bring out new chapters of the Spaces We Shape?


Colour plays a pivotal role in the design of Cidade de Goa. The buildings are adorned with a vivid palette of pastel hues, including red, sunset orange, soft pinks, ochre yellows, and calming blues.

Colour is not just pigment on walls but a storyteller, an anchor of context, and an enhancer of experiences. As we celebrate Cidade de Goa, look forward to future editions that will unveil the magic of other Master’s projects, each a canvas where the power of colours will once again be unleashed to create timeless narratives. So, let us paint our world with hues that transcend time, for in colour, we find the poetry of architecture, the melody of tradition, and the endless chapters  of the  Spaces We Shape.

Colourful Bedroom
The Play of Primary Colours Inside and Outside Photo by Lester Silveira

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