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Dr. Kaustav Sengputa
26 Apr 2024

Envisaging India’s geo-cultural tapestry with Nippon Paint

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Color saturates every facet of India's cultural canvas, serving as an intrinsic element in its rich tapestry. Embedded in religious ceremonies, festivals, and daily rituals, vibrant hues hold deep spiritual resonance, with specific colors linked to various deities. Festivals like Holi exemplify the jubilant celebration of color, signifying renewal and unity. Traditional attire, a chromatic symphony, mirrors the nuanced diversity of regions. From intricate artworks to architectural wonders, India's love for vivid expressions is evident. In essence, color becomes a dynamic language, conveying symbolism, joy, and a profound cultural identity that enriches the vibrant mosaic of this diverse nation.

It is this very affinity with colors that has prompted Nippon Paint India to introduce ‘Color Vision Forecast for 2024-2025’. In collaboration with a color expert and ‘Color Consultant’ - Dr Kaustav Sengupta, from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, the team has introduced innovative color palettes tailored for the youth keeping in consideration the regional trend forecasts. This visionary approach is an enhanced celebration of India's diversity and rightfully acknowledges the profound impact of colours on its emotional, social, and cultural collage.

The Hypothalamus, a structure located deep within the brain, experiences the impact of colors via signals from the retinal ganglion cells. Each of these hues and shades carries meta-tags with memories in the context of cultural, social, emotional, and bio-behavioral reactions.  The ‘Color Vision Forecast’ utilizes Dr Sengupta's copyrighted 'Color Foresight Cube' method, to map these color signifiers through signals and drivers to understand plausible color directions. For a holistic development of this forecast, over 30,000 meta-tags were processed from over 55 catalysts across a time frame of 16 months from various parts of the country. The ‘Color Vision Forecast for 2024-2025’ thus brings forth sets of color archetypes emphasised as stories and themes.

The ‘Color Foresight Cube’ (SenGupta, 2018), forms the macro base for this color mapping system

The theme ‘HEAL’ reflects the need for comfort and the dreamlike surrealism of existing in a peaceful state, while the archetype ‘BLOOMERS’ puts the focus on the steadily growing popularity of handmade and craft culture, where individuals yearn to learn new skills that could bring creative ideas to life. The mood of ‘HIVE’ emphasizes the need for cohabitation and bonding, while the theme of ‘SOULCORE’ persuades one to seek the answer to a question that has puzzled mankind, ‘Who am I?’ - an eternal enquiry to find the ‘self’. A pictorial representation of the vivid color palettes these themes portray is depicted here. 

A few archetypes of the ‘Color Vision Forecast for 2024-2025’

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The shades of blue are seen to feature quite prominently across the various archetypes in this color forecast of Nippon Paint India. Indigo, a natural shade of blue, is a star in this array. Being a timeless and versatile color to use in interior spaces, it can simultaneously weave a regal backdrop with elegance when teamed with clean whites or can accentuate the much-needed ‘pop’ when sided with yellows. Indigo is perceived primarily as blue with an underlying note of violet.

Nippon Paint India's 'Color Vision Forecast for 2024-2025' stands as an impressive fusion of art, science, and human psychology, serving as a powerful tool to empower designers nationwide. The forecast allows for a meticulous curation of colors tailored to spatial functions and cultural diversities, all while maintaining a strong connection to regional resonance. Nippon's commendable approach, demonstrating a keen understanding of the unique nuances within its target market, is not only praiseworthy but also serves as an inspiring model for the industry's future endeavours.

About the Author

Dr. Kaustav Sengputa
Colour Forecaster

Dr Kaustav Sengupta holds a PhD in Colour Psychology and is a renowned academician, futurist, trend analyst, colour bio-behaviourist, colour forecaster, writer, social worker, TEDx speaker & Associate Professor at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai. The only Color Psychologist in India who has got a patented color forecast modeling tool; through this tool over 30,000 meta-tags were processed from over 55 catalysts across a time frame of 16 months from various parts of the country. Dr Sengupta has meticulously developed Nippon Paint's 'Color Vision Forecast for 2024-2025'.

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