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Sarosh Wadia
20 Oct 2023

President's Note

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Dear Readers,

IIID, over five decades, has evolved into a trailblazing professional association of Interior Designers, Architects, Trade and Corporates, Educational Institutions, and students with about 10,000 members across its 33 Regional Chapters and Centres spanning India and an outreach to over 25 countries via its international collaborations. IIID plays a vital role not only in shaping India’s design trends but also in improving the standards of life in our contemporary societies. Celebrating 50 years of its foundation, IIID this term is keen to reach out to the 1.4 million people of our Country, which incidentally is almost 20 per cent of the World’s population, with the gospel of Good Design. This is the Vision behind the Rainbow Golden Jubilee Project of Inscape where IIID plans an intellectual and interactive publication to bring Designers and People together.


Design when powered by an aware design fraternity and participated in by awakened communities can be an instrument of Social Change


“Design when powered by an aware design fraternity and participated in by awakened communities can be an instrument of Social Change”, is our key belief and cornerstone. The first step is to introduce a powerful and passionate spokesperson for Design to whom the Country and the World will listen. Towards this IIID will curate and publish seven uniquely bold and beautiful folios on seven deep and distinct topics, in seven solid colours symbolising the ‘Rainbow of Hope and Happiness for a Better Tomorrow’ as a collectible coffee table series of Inscape in a specially designed sleeve. The second step entails to ‘walk the talk’ by organising parallel awareness campaigns across the Country on the seven Design topics via our efficient network of 33 Chapters / Centers, an exclusive website, and Social Media platforms to engage with our diverse membership of interior designers, architects, designers, students, the trade fraternity, policy makers/ authorities, leaders, and design-thinkers. The third step culminates with the launch of each of these seven folios, from seven strategic cities across India to reach the masses in partnership with the Press and Media joining force.

What started off as a hand-typed, photocopied, and manually composed black & white IIID Newsletter nearly 35 years ago, transformed into Insite in 2006 and evolved into Inscape in 2019 is now embarking on a journey of even greater significance. I congratulate and convey my best wishes to the editorial team of Inscape Folios, ably led by IPP Ar. Jabeen Zacharias and powered by our exclusive Privileged Partner Nippon India Pvt. Ltd. in this adventurous journey towards a jubilant mission which I am sure will be worth scripting in Golden letters.

About the Author

Sarosh Wadia
President of IIID

Sarosh Wadia, President of IIID, is a visionary architect and design trailblazer with over three decades of experience. His design philosophy emphasizes the fusion of aesthetics, sustainability, and functionality, inspiring environmentally friendly practices. His influential work sets a standard for emerging designers. Committed to nurturing new talent, he envisions an inclusive, sustainable, and transformative future for design.

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