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Joey Ho
19 Oct 2023

The Spaces We Weave

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Doodles, sketches, and ideas that jump off the page, Joey Ho’s sketchbook isn’t just about buildings or interior spaces but pieces of his mind, raw and unfiltered. Collages from cut-out pages of magazines and leaflets that add further layers, this sketchbook is a window into his world of endless possibilities.

Drawing allows the creative mind to soar and reminds architects and designers everywhere to embrace the youthful spirit within. In a world where the complexity of a profession often takes centre stage, creative drawings capture the simplicity of an individual finding joy and inspiration in one’s artistic expression

Sketching Dreams

Joey Ho joins forces with his young daughter to share his ideas on ‘The Spaces We Shape’. They bring in an interplay between architecture and the limitless world of childhood imagination. The drawing depicts a fantastical cityscape, an architectural wonderland where gravity seems to be suspended, and structures take on their own life. With a playful touch, the duo has crafted buildings that twist and soar, defying all conventions, and inviting the viewer to step into this whimsical realm.


Dreamscapes: Interplay of Illusion & Inspiration.
Sketches that blur scapes illustrated with magazine inspired illusions
Sketches that blur scapes illustrated with magazine inspired illusions

The Web of Spaces

Amidst life’s intricate edifices, a profound web of spaces emerges. The woman with spider veiling her eyes, reflects the deep disconnection of our existence.

About the Author

Joey Ho
Chairman of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association

Joey Ho is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association, Director of HK Design Centre, and design partner at PAL Design Group. He derives creative inspiration from across Asia- his upbringing in Taiwan and Singapore and his architectural education at The University of Hong Kong and The National University of Singapore. His avant-garde perspective shapes corporate, residential, education, and hospitality projects across China, Singapore, India, the US, and Australia.

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